Brookes in the Bronx: Reflecting on A Year of Ethnography

Picture a 17 year-old girl who was shot in the head at a Freshman party, now wheelchair-bound, struggling to graduate. A young Latino man with ‘Game Over’ tattooed on his eyelids, leaving his gang affiliations behind to focus on schooling. A hard working, smiling, first generation migrant teen from Ghana, on his way with aContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: Reflecting on A Year of Ethnography”

Another High School Year Ends

In New York City this year, Spring came and went like the proverbial Yellow Cab. As if impatient even with the weather, New York hurried the crisp, sunny, English breeze of Spring out of the way, in favour of the thickening, humid air of summer. Where New York in winter is almost devoid of smells,Continue reading “Another High School Year Ends”

Brookes in the Bronx: Spring in the City

A week after Easter, with Passover coming to an end, and Spring has finally come to New York City. This morning the city is washed in windy sunshine, and temperatures are finally on the steady rise. You can tell from the number of slightly overweight hipster runners pounding the pavements of Brooklyn that summer isContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: Spring in the City”

Brookes in the Bronx: New York City Winter

Welcome to the Winter Installment of Brookes in the Bronx! There have been a lot of changes in New York City since the trees became bare in late November, and winter started to creep across the city. Until the heating was finally turned on on the 1st December, we froze for a few days inContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: New York City Winter”

Brookes in the Bronx: On Quantum Personhood

The winter months in NYC have been packed with moments for reflection on new ideas emerging in my research about aspiration and imagined futures. The next entry will be more about the details of what’s been happening recently – but for now I thought I’d share some thoughts about a nascent concept that I’ve beenContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: On Quantum Personhood”

Brookes in the Bronx: Ethnography in the City

Ethnography This week I’m going to be focusing on the art, science and mystery of ethnography as it applies to my ongoing research in the Bronx. This is dedicated particularly to students on the MA in Childhood Studies at Oxford Brookes University who are exploring the theme of ethnography this week. I’d like to beginContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: Ethnography in the City”

Brookes in the Bronx: Civilly Disobedient Youth

 From New York City to Hong Kong (both places close to my heart), the past few weeks have provided good cause for reflection on the relationship between issues of civic participation, disobedience, and the place of ‘youth’ and young people in imagining new political futures. Here in NYC, as the first golden brown leaves shimmeredContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: Civilly Disobedient Youth”

Brookes in the Bronx: understanding futurity and youth in a summer of fraught race relations

The unusually clement summer weather in New York City this summer has made it easier to get on with most things, it would seem. A soft breeze has blown across Manhattan from the Hudson since we arrived, and like a good Englishman I’ve been happy to talk (to anyone who would listen) about how lovelyContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: understanding futurity and youth in a summer of fraught race relations”

Brookes in the Bronx: First Day of Term

The First Day of Term: reflections from the beginning of an ethnographyHere are some of my reflections from the very early stages of a two-year comparative ethnography exploring the themes of imagined futures, aspiration and transitions into adulthood among school leavers in New York City and London (See Imagining The Future for project details). Just two daysContinue reading “Brookes in the Bronx: First Day of Term”