Patrick has more than 10 years of experience working on commissioned research across the public sector and with commercial organisations.

Commissioned research

– Alexander, P., Aldridge, D., Deane, M. (2017) Skills for Research: Identifying and Developing Best Practice in Development for Doctoral Students. Mexico City: British Council Mexico. 

– Alexander, P., Edwards, A., Menter, I., Fancourt, N. (2014) Raising Aspiration in Oxford City Schools. Oxford: Citi Foundation.

–  Alexander, P. (2013) International Further Education Markets: An Analysis. Hong Kong: British Council.

– Mills, D. & Alexander, P. (2012) Small Group Teaching: A Toolkit for Learning. York: Higher Education Academy.

– McAlpine, L., Mills, D., Hopwood, N., Paulson, J., Alexander, P.(2009) The Next Generation of Social Scientists: Key Findings and Recommendations. Oxford: John Fell.

– Alexander, P., Marsh, P., Bradley, S. (2008) ‘Annex G: Children and Family Life: Socio-Demographic Changes’, in The Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing: Report of an Independent Assessment. London: Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

– Marsh, P., Alexander, P., Bradley, S (2008) Life in the UK Today: The role and citizen impact of Public Service Broadcasting. BBC Trust/SIRC.

– Marsh, P., Alexander, P. Bradley, S. (2008) Football Passions. Cannon/SIRC.

Please see for a range of commissioned projects that I have been involved with.

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